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Julia Garrison

Equipping overcomers toward maturity

Julia is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, and mental health teacher. She is tenderly passionate about coming alongside others and equipping and encouraging them through the pains and confusions of life. Personal experience and shepherding others through pain has produced wisdom and skills that she is burning to offer others on their own journeys. Julia is known for articulating depth and new insight into relational and emotional experiences while at the same time presenting as relatable, playful, and safe. Julia grounds her influence out of Biblical truths and integrates how people heal and grow from the fields of psychology and neuroscience. Julia has a passion for helping the helper and equipping others in the areas of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s not an uncommon experience to laugh with, be challenged by, or inspired from the messages and skills Julia shares.

As a counselor, Julia is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor of the state of WA and a Professional Counselor Associate of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors. She is also a National Board Certified Counselor. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling from Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon.  

As a teacher, Julia has worked as a psychology and counseling adjunct instructor at the university level as well as a teaching graduate assistant. She has built curriculum for courses including work as a content expert for a Stress, Trauma, and Self-Care course. 

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Suggested Topics

Listening to Understand

I’m convinced that to be truly heard and understood with gentleness is one of the most precious gifts to give one another. Listening builds understanding, understanding builds knowing, and knowing builds connection. This message will touch on the basics of listening (art of validation, emotional tolerance, and empathy) and provide skills to apply immediately to any close relationship.


Becoming a Trauma-Informed Helper

Whether your role is a teacher, mentor, coach, or minister you are inevitably a helper to hurting people. Learn the foundational principles and pillars of being trauma-informed without the pressure of being another person’s “counselor”. Spoiler-alert: a key focus is on your own emotional and mental well-being! 


Soul-Care as a Helper

Did you know your truest identity isn’t “helper”, “fixer”, or “server”. The soul-care and self-care of one who helps others is vital. Learn how to identify and stop the toxic dance we find ourselves in and how to pour-out instead of burn-out. 


Codependency is a Counterfeit Christianity

Hear Julia’s story of being transformed from an angry-appeaser and perfectionistic-pleaser to a free, forgiving, and on-fire daughter of the King. 

Why Suffering has Soul-Building Potential

Suffering and pain aren’t always something to avoid (even though we are designed to evade discomfort). Wrestle along with me on why adversity means so much to our maturity.


"Julia is a skilled speaker, teacher and facilitator. We brought her in to teach our team about mental health and a trauma informed approach to our work with kids and families. Not only did she design and deliver fantastic content, she was able to connect with our group and go deep in a very short amount of time. I believe this is due to her sincere and grounded presence, her genuine passion for the subject matter, and her obvious desire to see others learn and grow. Our team is so much better for her training, and we will definitely be inviting her back soon."

STEPHEN P., Nonprofit Director

“Julia did a fantastic job presenting at my T1L1 mentor workshop. Many of them commented to me on how much it helped ready them for the classroom in fall of 2021”. 

TAMARA K., Program Director, Teach One to Lead One

“You are a born teacher Julia- clear, open, approachable, wit, good content and ideas for changed behavior that will make this a better world”.

JB, Event Participant

So helpful! This class was fascinating, entertaining, and worthwhile, so I looked forward to participating each week. The presentation materials were easy to follow and class content was well-organized. Great class! Highly recommend it!

Listening 101 Course Participant

Previously Presented Topics

· Trauma Informed Coaching-- Multiple-settings

· Listening 101 Course - 4 week course on basic listening skills to build connection

· Suicide Ideation/Risk Training -- Multiple-settings

· Managing Anxiety as College Student Athletes 

· Developmental Trauma & Somatic Issues --8 hr graduate level presentation

· Attachment & Boundaries in Leadership -- University level student-leadership

· Social Engagement System & the Polyvagal Theory-- Multiple-settings

· Student Leadership Development 

· Stress, Control, Boundaries, & Self-Care -- 6 week 400-level course

· Values Workshop (included collaging)

· How to Tell Your Story (to avoid exposure or re-traumatization) 

· Fear of Man vs. Fear of God

· Video Lecture Series: Depression in Adolescents & Young Adults 

· Creative Journaling Workshop-- Multiple-settings

· Overcoming Test Anxiety & Fear of Failure

· Mental Health & the Role of the Instructor  


Including experience, my speaker fee ranges based on time, supplies, and distance.

Please don't hesitate to ask, I'm open to discussing fees based on your budget.

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Get in touch so we can start working together. Let me know about your group/audience, focus, and budget! 

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