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June 19th

There is a lack of knowledge and wisdom about trauma and how it impacts people and changes a person’s ability to relate to others and God. 2020 has undoubtedly caused and resurfaced varying levels and types of traumas within our faith communities including church leaders. This conference of trauma-specialists, trauma-informed pastors, and insightful stories from childhood abuse survivors will help ministers become more aware and equipped, thus allowing the community of Christ to more relevantly contribute to the healing process of those seeking it.

What You'll Hear

2020: It won't be over when it's over

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Byron Kehler

Dragons and Dandelions: Learning to face struggles with vulnerability and curiosity

Danny Clinton

As church leaders, our communities need to see us be vulnerable (facing our dragons) as well as spend time in the weeds of everyday real life (dandelions) with people. Neither can be done without first entering these vulnerable, curious places within ourselves. This means we need to go both first and last, admitting how lonely, scary and breathtaking each step is along the way. Because wholeness is worth it. They are worth it. I am worth it.

Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge: The Desperate need for a Hermeneutic of Emotions

Marc Alan Schelske

Pastors all know that a person’s hermeneutic shapes what they see in scripture. The same thing is true for emotions. Many of our people are laboring under false views of emotions that are hurting them and damaging our churches. If we teach people that emotions are a God-given part of life, they will be able to experience their emotions without shame and fear, seek help when needed without stigma, and gain benefit of the God-given wisdom that is found in a life where emotions are integrated rather than avoided.

Remembering How God Heals: Relational Attachment and Relevant Trauma Informed Care

Dr. Ken Logan

There are more individuals who walk into church each week who have gone through significant trauma in their lives than you would ever imagine. When facing the inevitable reality of this in our church communities, we may end up being quite irrelevant in our caring. Sometimes we may even reinjure people in our attempt to help. The problem: A lack of knowledge and wisdom about trauma and how it impacts people and changes a person’s ability to relate to others. This talk aims at helping ministers and Christ followers become more trauma-informed, thus allowing the community of Christ to affirm and more relevantly contribute to the healing process of those seeking it.

What Trauma Survivors Need from the Church

Evie & Kevin Kent

Kevin and Evie Kent both grew up in the church, and both experienced childhood abuse that went unacknowledged and untended until adulthood.  In “What Survivor’s Need From the Church”, they share their personal and combined story of healing, what survivors of abuse need from the church, and the pivotal role our faith communities can take in supporting those with past trauma.

All Speakers

Q&A Panel

Attendees will be invited to ask the speakers questions to clarify and collaborate further on trauma-informed ministry.

Conference Speakers


Byron Kehler, M.S., Trauma Therapist

Byron Kehler, M.S. is a Trauma Therapist in private practice in Milwaukie, OR with 40 years of experience working with survivors of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and and sexual abuse. He has been certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, is certified in EMDR, and is the developer of Story-Informed Trauma Therapy . He brings sensitivity, compassion, practicality, and even humor to these difficult topics.

Danny Clinton - Color.jpg

Danny Clinton, Lead Pastor, Kessid Church

Danny is the lead pastor at Kessid Church in Vancouver, WA, and has been in full-time vocational ministry for over 21 years. He was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and absolutely loves ministering here. Danny enjoys the copious amounts of rain, coffee shops, and the eclectic people in our area, but most importantly talking to people of all kinds about Jesus. Danny has been married to the love of his life, Erin, for almost 23 years, and they have three children, Gabe, Taylor, and Eléna.


Marc Alan Schelske

Marc Alan Schelske is a pastor, writer, and recovering fundamentalist who drinks tea & rides a motorcycle. He’s also faced depression, burn-out, and the difficult path of emotional and spiritual recovery. He’s the teaching elder at Bridge City Community Church in Milwaukie, OR and author of 3 books about a healthy inner life, Discovering Your Authentic Core Values, The Wisdom of Your Heart, and the Untangle Workbook.

Ken headshot.png

Dr. Ken Logan

Dr. Logan is a licensed psychologist and professor in George Fox University’s Graduate School of Clinical Psychology. He is the school’s Director of Clinical Training and leads the Trauma Training Certification for the doctoral program. From 2002 to 2019, he was a professor and adjunct instructor for Western Seminary in Sacramento and Portland, where he served as the executive director of the Seminary’s counseling center. He is an ordained minister and has been directly or indirectly involved in ministry since 1986.
Clinically, Logan specializes in treating anxiety, stress, and trauma, with a clinical emphasis on working with first responders, military personnel, and people in ministry. Academically, he is involved in active research in trauma treatment, attachment, Christian spiritual formation, and the impact of grace theology on mental health and wellbeing. He, his wife, and two sons live in Newberg, Oregon.


Evie & Kevin Kent

Kevin and Evie Kent have been married for 21 years, and are the parents of 5 children.  They are both survivors of childhood abuse, and have spent many years unpacking their individual and combined stories.  They are passionate voices for healing and restoration; using their story to minister hope to others.  Kevin is a successful business owner in Vancouver, WA.  Evie is a licensed pastor with the Foursquare church where she and Kevin lead the Restoration ministry at their church, Battle Ground Foursquare.

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