1 Corin. 14 

You are His daughter, His beloved one

There is no mountain he won’t climb up, door he won’t break down coming after you. His love is endless, it’s an incomprehensible love that endures forever. He cherishes you Sweet One. He tenderly loves you...he has moments where he just watches you sleep and enjoys hearing your laughs. He keeps track of your tears and watches over you as Protector. He knows you can’t and never will love Him as he deserves, and that doesn’t change anything about how He loves you. He does want a relationship with you so he enables you through the Spirit to grow in His love and glorify Him by loving others by His love. You were made to be with Him, to be unified with him in a safe, intimate, healthy, everlasting love. He will never take advantage of you.. He will never leave you… He will never say the wrong thing or forget something special… In fact, He loves you so much he wants to mature you and your ability to love. He wants to widen your heart, strengthen your shoulders, and deepen your wisdom. He wants the very best for you.. He wants His perfect will for your life. You are a part of His love story. Oh there will be suffering at every turn this side of eternity, but He’s equipped you with everything you’ll need (it’s all found in Him) and it is possible to have His joy and peace through those seasons. He’s always a breath away, never leaving you to battle alone. Even into eternity you will continue to comprehend how much He loves you. 

You not feeling loved won’t change the truth of His love for you. Not being able to sense something doesn’t make it untrue. Dearly beloved… you are loved by the purest most holy Being. He’s chosen you to love.. Would you ask Him for that drink? (John 4)

Painting by Charlie Mackesy

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