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Joint & Harmonized Dominion

Updated: May 3

Originally published Feb. 28, 2019

This is a complication of resources that I’ve read/viewed/heard that have brought me clarity in my understanding of men and women leading together. Men and women fulfilling the commission: complementarity without hierarchy.


Fashioned to Reign by Kris Vallotton

Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women by Halee Gray Scott

Books by Lisa Bevere: Lioness Arising, Without Rival, Girl’s With Swords, and Adamant


The Church of the City New York Podcast| The Controversial Jesus: Jesus, Woman, and Leadership | Suzy Silk | March 21, 2018 | Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-controversial-jesus-jesus-women-and-leadership/id1245313998?i=1000412033539&mt=2 Video: https://youtu.be/DuIhoJf_rps

Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere |

Women: Preach It- March 21, 2016

Women: Did Jesus Make a Mistake?- March 28, 2016

Online Writings

Word Study: Ezer Kenegdo “Therefore, could we conclude that Genesis 2:18 be translated as "I will make a power [or strength] corresponding to man." Freedman even suggests on the basis of later Hebrew that the second word in the Hebrew expression found in this verse should be rendered equal to him. If so, then God makes for the man a woman fully his equal and fully his match. In this way, the man's loneliness will be assuaged.” https://godswordtowomen.org/ezerkenegdo.htm

KENEGDO: Is the Woman Subordinate, Suitable, or Similar to the Man? “Walter Kaiser addresses this misunderstanding and states that “the woman was never meant to be an assistant or “helpmate” to the man. The word mate slipped into English since it was so close to Old English meet, which means ‘fit to’ or ‘corresponding to’ the man. . . . What God had intended then was to make a ‘power’ or ‘strength’ [i.e. ezer] for the man who would in every way ‘correspond to him’ or even ‘be his equal’.”[8] Similarly, Carrie Miles notes that in using the words ezer kenegdo, “God says that the lonely ha’adam [human] needs a source of strength on the same level, face-to-face—not a housemaid.”” https://margmowczko.com/kenegdo-meet-subordinate-suitable-or-similar/

Video Teachings

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